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the Pen Pals® Disposable Plating Pen, designed to make your plating tasks more efficient and convenient than ever before.

The Pen Pals® Disposable Plating Pen boasts a range of features that set it apart from traditional plating equipment. Our new updated design incorporates several improvements to enhance your plating experience:

1. Pen Plating Without a Rectifier: With the Pen Pals® Plating Pen, you can enjoy up to 1 hour of plating without the need for a rectifier, making it incredibly cost-effective.

2. Self-Adjusting Power: This disposable plating pen is self-adjusting, capable of operating at up to 6 volts without knobs or other adjustments.

3. Versatile Applications: Whether you're working on 2-tone jewelry, sample lines, touch-ups, or repairs, the Pen Pals® Plating Pen is the perfect tool for the job.

4. Replaceable Tips: Easily replace tips between plating jobs.

5. Long Battery Shelf Life: With an impressive 8-year battery shelf life when stored properly, you can trust that your Pen Pals® Plating Pen will be ready to use when you need it.

6. Efficient Plating: The larger and more efficient PtTi anode guarantees faster and more consistent plating results.

7. Scratch-Free Alligator Clip: We've included a scratch-free alligator clip to protect the piece while plating.

8. Storage Box: Each Pen Pals® Disposable Plating Pen comes with a storage box, making it easy to keep your plating tools organized and secure.

The Pen Pals® Plating Pen is an excellent choice for 2-tone jewelry, sample lines, touch-ups, and repair work.