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We are a family-owned-and-operated jewelry supply store located in Phoenix, Arizona since 2013.

Mario has over 30 years of experience working in the jewelry supply industry, equipped with vast amounts of knowledge to assist with almost any jewelry-related matter. He has the ability to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner, and recommend effective solutions to customers. He lives and breathes his business, and his passion is clearly expressed outwardly with each "Good morning!" and smile he provides to customers throughout the day.
Mario began his endeavor of working for a jewelry making supply store with an unsure path from very early on in his life, and through on-the-job learning and experience for over 20 years at that other store (now a combined 30 years including SJ Jewelry Supply), he has unmistakably become a master in his field. After deciding, as a family, to take on this terrifyingly uncertain life journey and open our own business, we have managed to grow more and more year after year due to his knowledge, expertise, business relationship prowess, and especially his customer service skills.
Erika (Mario's wife) has over 10 years of industry experience, and her passion rivals even her husband Mario's. As husband and wife, they have created a fun and welcoming environment for all customers. Often referred to as a "candy store for jewelers," Erika and Mario pride themselves in creating an exciting, joyous place for customers to touch, see, feel, interact with, and ask questions about the supplies they are purchasing. With how inviting and helpful they are together, their ultimate goal is to provide the best level of service, professionalism, and helpfulness with all customers while still accommodating an atmosphere of enjoyment. Erika also serves as a voice of reason to the business. Her counsel is exceptionally valuable to the family and the business.
Steven (Mario and Erika's son) has over 10 years of industry experience. He is actually the reason why our family decided to start our business in the first place. After seeing his dad Mario work for another jewelry supply store for 20 years, our family had to look to the future in order to protect our livelihood since there was no clear path for Mario at the time. Steven was the one that gave that "final push" and encouraged our family to take the leap and establish our business.

Starting out, compared to the abundance of knowledge that his dad Mario possesses, Steven felt that he knew "almost nothing" about the details or intricacies of the business compared to his dad. But now that we’re 10 years strong, Steven has undoubtedly grown alongside our business. His knowledge of our particular niche has grown tremendously, as has his general business acumen. It’s easy to see that he is extremely proud of what we have built together. Since the inception of our business, Steven has admired the level of service and expertise that his dad provides, and has attempted to operate at that same high level. So many of Mario's positive traits have rubbed off on Steven, and we can confidently say that his self-improvement and understanding of our business, and the business world in general, has reached great levels; and he continues to seek improvement on a daily basis. Steven has developed such an admiration for our business, and he recognizes what it took for our family to get to where we are now. He truly took a dive into the infinite realm of jewelry making, and he plans to one day emerge a master in the domain. Steven is also in charge of a lot of behind-the-scenes aspects of our business. From our website, to our Instagram (@sjjewelrysupply), to ordering, creating agendas, and much more, he helps out in so many different ways.
Prisma (Steven's wife) has full-time employment elsewhere, but with the few days she helps out at the business, she has learned so much so quickly. Her bright, positive attitude lifts the spirits of the people she interacts with, and she strives to provide excellent assistance to everyone. She is a delightful part of our family and our business.
Cynthia (Mario and Erika's daughter) has decided to pursue higher education, and has found employment elsewhere, but she may join our team in the future. She is extraordinarily proud of what her family has been able to achieve and build.
Josefina (family friend) has over 30 years of jewelry-making experience. Her lifelong career has given her the necessary skills to provide a unique base of knowledge that includes decades of at-the-bench experience making all kinds of jewelry pieces. She is a wonderful addition to our team, and we greatly appreciate how lucky we are to have her.

Jorge (Erika's brother) has full-time employment elsewhere, but provides so much assistance behind the scenes. He typically assists us during busy times like Black Friday as well as events where we set up a booth off-site.

Whether you are a professional jeweler, a hobbyist, an instructor, or anywhere in between, we are here to provide value for you every step of the way. We take immense pride in ensuring a positive customer experience. We happily deliver superior levels of customer service, provide high level industry knowledge, and offer a wide range of supplies related to the jewelry supply industry: metals, findings, equipment, tools, stones, buffing, soldering, casting, lapidary, benches, displays/packaging, and much more. The whole team at SJ Jewelry Supply is 100% committed to this business, and we have all remained loyal, ambitious, and forward-looking since day one. We look forward to serving each and every one of our amazing customers, who are the reason we are here!