Hold it! Soldering Compound

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Hold it! Soldering Compound.

Hold it! Soldering Compound is a product used in jewelry making to hold small pieces of metal in place while soldering. This compound is a heat-resistant adhesive that can be used to keep the pieces from shifting or moving during the soldering process. It comes in a paste form and can be applied easily using a brush or other tool.

The best uses for Hold it! Soldering Compound include holding pieces of metal together while soldering, preventing movement or shifting during the soldering process, and ensuring a clean and accurate finished product.

Some unique uses for Hold it! Soldering Compound in jewelry making could include using it to hold stones in place while setting them, or using it to attach small pieces of metal to a larger piece during the soldering process.

A must-have jewelry making item to use alongside Hold it! Soldering Compound is a heat source, such as a torch, to melt the solder and secure the metal pieces together.