Steam cleaner Hoffman 2 Gallon
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The best quality in steam cleaning machines. Hoffman manufactures the most trusted and reliable steamers available for more than a hundred years. They have been proven as the ideal choice for the jewelry industry, dental labs, precious metals, eyewear, crystal industries, surgical labs, and clean room applications. Grease, grime and micro-deposits disappear in seconds. Oxidation and deposits are removed from the tiniest crevices for a bright, sparkling finish.



Features include:

    Stainless steel cabinet.
    Compact size: 17" x 19" x 26".  Weight: 85 lbs.
    Large easy to read PSI gauge.
    Develops 70-90 PSI steam.
    No special plumbing or wiring required.
    Quiet steam jet.
    Complete cleaning guide included.
    Long life heating element.
    Sight glass.
    Continuous steaming and pressure.
    ASME approved, UL listed.
    Exclusive coated tank to prevent rust!
    Made in the USA. One year warranty.


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Steam cleaner Hoffman 2 Gallon

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